Fight for all people, regardless town, neighborhood or street, have the possibility to get quickly, easily and comfortably his money access. 

Make easier the access to money, so that the users have us as their first option every day, in addition to achieving added value for our partners.





Our history

Wohcash, was born in 2016, to make the people´s life easier. Everybody need cash, a task that in recent years is increasingly difficult to do, due to do large number of bank brach clousures throughout Spain. This fact makes two friends look for a solution: withdraw cash from any type of commercial local.

In 2019 after entering our shareholder Prosegur we called ourselves Gelt Cash, focusing our App to cash withdraw in any kind os store or restaurant and sending money between Gelt Cash users.

In 2020 we go farther, to the old functions (send and withdraw money) we added the availability to pay at the Gelt Points.


Gelt Cash Team

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